[Workfare] 500+ workfare hosts exposed

— Clare Hepworth OBE (@Hepworthclare) July 31, 2016

1. Report on Court of Appeal ruling
2. Background resources, FOI requests, Media reporting, ICO decisions, Tribunals and Court of Appeal rulings
3. Names of the 534 shameful workfare exploiters (employers)

“In a battle with the information commissioner, the DWP has said that the government’s mandatory work programme would “collapse” if the names were made public due to the likelihood of protests against the organisations involved.”
Guardian – 9th November 2012

1. Report on Court of Appeal ruling
(Joint update with Boycott Workfare)

Battle royal

After a 4 and half year battle, on Wednesday July 27th 2016 the DWP was forced by a Court of Appeal (CofA) ruling to capitulate and release the names of more than 500Mandatory Work Activity workfare exploiters.

A matter of judgement and public interest

This decision was reached by three judges on a 2 to 1 basis, citing public interest considerations being “firmly” viewed by the first tier tribunal (FTT) as “appreciably” outweighing the commercial interests of the workfare placement hosting employers not to be named and be subject to protests. The FTT ruling (pdf) dealt with three conjoined appeals (Zola, Naysmith and Kelly), as all requested names of workfare exploiters.

“The tribunal is firmly of the view that in these appeals the scales are weighed appreciably in favour of disclosure”

A precedent

This legal precedent should now mean anyone, anywhere in the world, is free to use the Freedom of Information Act (2000) (FOIA) to request the names of UK workfare exploiting employers. I suggest using whatdotheyknow.com to make such FOIA requests, as it ensures the FOIA process is kept open and transparent. Do not get too complacent or underestimate the importance of this “vast” list of workfare exploiters, just note that Éire disclosed a similar list of nearly 12,000 of it’s Government forced-labour conscript employers.

Collective punishment

During this protracted battle the DWP used every devious strategy to deny the public right to know the names of employers using it’s numerous forced unpaid labour schemes, “collectively known as workfare”, as the CoA ruling says. This also meant they used the FOIA internal review, tribunal and court appeals processes over the past four and a half years to stymie all similar requests, despite the many Information Commissioner decisions supporting your right to know. Workfare schemes cost the public billions and now employers won’t be able to hide behind the DWP’s cloak of secrecy, obfuscation and legal sophistry.

DWP litigation

Over these past four and and half years the DWP cited it’s Zola case litigation or made references to workfare exploiters ‘commercial interests’ to block FOI requests on the ‘“Back to Work” scheme providers in Liverpool‘, ‘Nature of Tesco’s involvement in Workfare/Community Action Programme‘, ‘Workfare/Seetec information‘, ‘Groundworks and work programme placements‘, ‘Mandatory Work Activity‘, ‘Divine Rescue MWA‘, ‘Day One Support for young People Trailblazer‘ and many more on whatdotheyknow.com. Many workfare related FOI requests will have been made directly to the DWP, from Journalists, researchers and campaigners et al, so currently no open record exists of innumerable denials of the pubic right to know.

The public right to know and mass protest

This DWP denial of the right to know, started around the time of mass public protests against exploitation of workfare conscripts, particularly Tesco’s, whereas prior to that in 2011 the DWP did disclose hundreds of names of workfare hosts from a4e. C4 provide an excellent example of Government oxymoron double-speak on suggesting ‘work experience‘ was ‘voluntary’, when in fact it was mandatory with benefit sanctions for refusing. Or as quoted by the Judge in one of the tribunal appeal hearings, the then Minister for Employment “Chris Grayling is a Lying Bastard“.

The public

It seems to be forgotten that the public are also benefit claimants with economic self-interests. Why should they lose their meagre subsistence level income through benefit sanctions because they refuse to allow charities, social enterprises, businesses and public authorities to economically exploit them for there own sordid commercial gains?

Shopping charities

Why, for instance, should the myriad of charity shops on our high streets, often within the most deprived communities, be free to pursue their grubby commercial interests via a DWP guaranteed supply of forced unpaid workfare conscripts? These janus faced hypocrites so often claim to be relieving poverty, whilst they are actually responsible for causing destitution and despair by facilitating cruel benefit sanctions for anyone who refuses to comply with workfare. The communities they claim to serve are the very ones they exploit, workfare conscripts are so often actually engaged in making money for many of these abusers to pay their staff wages.


Sadly the likes of the Salvation Army, those serial abusers of workfare labour, are ‘holding the line‘, but what else can be expected, as they founded 1930s Work Camps.

Charities, social enterprises, businesses and public authorities (everyone) should stop using workfare. Like Oxfam and the hundreds of others, they should all consider it fundamentally unethical.

The Mandatory Work Activity is not compatible with Oxfam’s stance on benefits… In addition to this, there are ‘sanctions’ attached to the scheme which could result in participants having their benefits removed… which would create situations where people were being driven into poverty. This is not compatible with Oxfam’s aims and beliefs.
Source: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=533

Forever England

I take this opportunity to call upon England’s NCVO to publicly oppose workfare outright and issue guidance to it’s members, just like it’s counterparts in Scotland and Wales have already done.

Where’s the Justice?

When the Court of Appeal’s, Master of the rolls reached his decision to dismiss the DWP’s appeal, it is worth remembering that the Barrister Robin Hopkins, acting for the Information commissioners Office (ICO), pointed out during the appeal hearing that workfare conscripts are being exploited within the actual Royal Courts of Justice where the DWP’s hearing took place, as well as by Westminster Council, the Local Authority where the Courts are located.

Preparation for workfare

It is more than worrying that the Welfare Reform Act 2012 embeds mandatory workfare (Work Experience or a Work Placement) as a ‘work preparation‘ requirement for all Universal Credit (UC) claimants. A requirement that makes no distinction whatsoever on whether a UC claimant is already working in paid employment or volunteering.

Universal Credit: Work preparation requirement
“undertaking work experience or a work placement”
Welfare Reform Act (2012) – Section 16(3)(e)

The Conservative manifesto of 2015 also included a promise to introduce a new ‘Youth Allowance‘ benefit for 18 to 21 years olds, to limit entitlement to six months and abolish automatic rights to Housing Benefit and impose mandatory daily community workfare, if unpaid traineeships (which can last up to 6 months) or Jobcentre organised work experience are refused. These, now Conservative Government, plans are being implemented in 2017. There are well advanced plans to replace the Work Programme workfare scheme, which will have conscripts until March 2019, with the Work and Health Programme, which will no doubt also include forced unpaid labour for benefits.

Transforming lives through welfare and work(fare)
“We’ll be using work experience much more creatively…”
First speech by new DWP Secretary of State, Stephen Crabb – 12 April 2016

Pay and conditions

To make work pay, including ‘traineeships’ and other forms of ‘work experience’ organised by Government or by employers directly, this work must be paid on a statutory basis at the going rate or the real living wage when the going rate is less, be entirely voluntary, with no wage distinctions on the basis of age and all workers should have the status of employees and be able to enjoy full worker, trade union, health & safety and equality legislation rights and protection. Benefit claimants should be provided with accessible education and training that is entirely voluntary and for it to have true parity with the budgets and resources currently devoted to University level education. As a start, the secret penal system, of benefit sanctions should be abolished without exception.


The modern day scourge of forced-labour would not have been uncovered without the campaigning, direct action and research of Boycott Workfare and more recently Keep Volunteering Voluntary, they should be supported unequivocally. If Éire can release the names of nearly 12,000 workfare exploiters, then the DWP should release the names of all UK workfare exploiters immediately, so we the public can see who they are in the full light of day, as sunlight is the best disinfectant for one of the most morally corrupt social security policies.


Never forget, as Boycott Workfare say and do:

If you exploit us we will shut you down

Conscientious objection

4 week Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) like all workfare, as a matter of well founded belief and conscience, is at it’s core morally bankrupt and beyond redemption.

I am glad to see the MWA contract and the one for the 6 month Community Work Placements are not being renewed. For anyone holding onto a sliver of an idea that MWA was helpful, consider the fact that it had “no impact on employment“. Workfare also harms the chance to find paid employment.

Vile maxim

Maybe the ‘vile maxim‘ of the 500+ masters and overseers of workfare should be the literal:

‘All the commercial gains for ourselves, nothing for the workfare conscripts’


The price of freedom from workfare is unfortunately ‘eternal vigilance‘. Some of the ‘fallout’ from the publication of these workfare exploiters names, is the likes of Shelter saying it does not use workfare, but does not respond to a question on whether it has any ability to stop workfare conscripts being placed in it’s high street charity shops on a local level. Similarly Pizza Hut claim to avow workfare, but as the worlds biggest franchise operation, remain stubbornly silent on the question of whether it’s franancisees are free to use workfare and specifically unpaid 6 month traineeships. There is also a need to be mindful that DWP workfare contractors have been known to place conscripts as fake ‘volunteers‘.


Forced unpaid workfare schemes and the associated benefit sanctions and conditionality are an unforgiveable attack on people requiring social security payments to survive economic decisions not of their making, they are not a price worth paying for unemployment or for anyone in-work and claiming the excessively ‘intrusive and controlling‘ Universal Credit.

The UN declares the UK’s austerity policies in breach of international human rights obligations
New Statesman – 29 June 2016

Do you have a workfare employer to name and shame?
Then use this form: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?page_id=1703


The Freedom of Information Act is facilitating this disclosure of workfare hosts names and whatdotheyknow.com must be commended for making FOI requests easier and keeping the process open to full public scrutiny.

Pleased donate to whatdotheyknow.com.

Tips on using the FOI Act.

2. Background resources, FOI requests, Media reporting, ICO decisions, Tribunals and Court of Appeal rulings

FOI requests (as available online)

Successful bidders (original FOI asking for names of all MWA hosts) 25/1/12
Names of hosts for DWP “schemes…collectively referred to as “workfare”” 27/7/16

Media reporting

Another win: 4-year legal battle finally reveals workfare exploiters! -Boycott Workfare 31/7/16

Now Chris Grayling Attacks the Foundations of Democracy! 15/6/12
(See DWP ‘evidence‘ released to the ICO – disclosed 12/6/12)
Government blocks publication of names of ‘workfare’ employers 9/11/12
DWP Ordered To Name The Workfare Exploiters 18/5/13
Government must reveal workfare exploiters! 18/5/13
Workfare placements must be made public, tribunal rules 19/5/13
Workfare and the First-tier Tribunal 20/5/13
DWP ordered to name charities and companies providing ‘workfare’ placements 20/5/13
EXPOSED: the companies profiting from forced labour in the UK 29/7/16
DWP forced to reveal vast list of firms using benefit claimants for unpaid work after 4-year legal fight 29/7/16
Revealed: The High Street firms that used benefits claimants for free labour 30/12/16
More reporting and sources.

ICO rulings

Zola: ICO Decision Notice – Case Ref: FS50438037 (PDF) – Summary – 22 August 2012
“Having weighed the competing public interest arguments the Commissioner has concluded that in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining the exemption does not outweigh thepublic interest in disclosure”
(DWP ‘evidence‘ released to the ICO, prior to above decision – disclosed 12/6/12)

ICO decision replicated in the two FOI requests that formed part of the Court of Appeal ruling:

Naysmith: ICO Decision Notice – Case Ref: FS50438502 (PDF) – 1 October 2012
FOI request “for the names of organisations that provided work boost placements, work experience or other unpaid work activity to customers of Seetec within Contract Package Area 4 (East London) within the past 12 months.

Kelly: ICO Decision Notice – Case Ref: FS50438502 (PDF) – 1 October 2012
FOI request “for the names of the organisations that JHP Group use when delivering Mandatory Work Activity in the Scotland Contract Package Area (CPA)”

Sheldon – : Groundworks and work programme placementsICO notice (FS50517872)
Sheenan – : Divine Rescue MWAICO notice (FS50515872)
Chance – : Day One Support for young People TrailblazerICO notice (FS50520380)

Tribunal rulings

Upper Tribunal: DWP v IC and Zola [2014] UKUT 0334 (AAC) PDF – Source

First Tier Tribunal (FTT) (pdf) – Comments on FTT hearing.

DWP submissions to FTT
Notice of Appeal
Grounds of Appeal
Skeleton argument on behalf of the Appellant; and
Open chronology

Court of Appeal ruling

Department for Work And Pensions v The Information Commissioner & Zola [2016] EWCA Civ 758 (27 July 2016)

3. Names of the 534 workfare exploiters (employers)

The 534 Named and Shamed

1. African Childrens Fund

2. Abacus Children’s Wear


4. Ability

5. Ace of Clubs Charity Shop

6. Acorns

7. Action for Disability

8. Action Housing

9. Active Community Team

10. Advocacy Support

11. Afro Caribbean Centre

12. Age Concern

13. Age UK

14. Agnew Community Centre

15. Air Ambulance

16. Aire Valley Recycling Ltd

17. Airedale Computers,

18. Al-Khair Foundation

19. All Aboard

20. Allied Healthcare

21. Almadene Care Home

22. AMF Torquay Bowling Alley

23. Amicus Horizon Housing Association

24. Animal Krackers

25. ARAS German Shepherd Inn

26. ARC

27. Archer Project

28. Arthritis Research UK

29. Arthur Rank

30. Arts Factory

31. ASAN

32. Asda

33. Asha Charity Shop

34. Ashgate Hospice

35. Aspire Community Enterprise Ltd

36. Auchinleck Talbot F.C.

37. Autism Plus

38. Aylestone Park Boys Football Club

39. Babygear

40. Back2Earth

41. Bangladesh People

42. Bangladeshi ass sangag centre

43. Barnardos

44. Basic Life Charity

45. B’Dwe

46. Beaumaris Hostel

47. Bedfordshire Education Academy

48. Belgrave Hall Museum

49. Bernicia Group (Social housing provider)

50. BHF

51. Blaby & Whetstone Boys Club

52. Blue Cross

53. Bluebell Wood

54. Bookers

55. Boots

56. Botanical Gardens

57. Bottle Rescue Aireworth Mill

58. BR Environmental

59. Bradford Autism Centre

60. Bradford Community repaint

61. Breaking Free

62. Brian Jackson House

63. Briardale Community Centre

64. Bright House

65. Brighton and hove wood recycling

66. Britannia College

67. British Heart Foundation

68. British Red Cross

69. British Waterways

70. Brockhurst Community Centre

71. Bryncynon Strategy

72. Bryncynon Strategy

73. Butterwick Hospice

74. Cancer Research

75. Cancer Uk

76. Capability Scotland

77. Care & Repair

78. Carers Centre

79. Caribbean Centre

80. Caribbean Restaurant (Streatham)

81. Carlisle Park

82. Carr Vale Allotments

83. Cash Convertors

84. Castle Gresley Community Centre

85. Cat Haven

86. Cats Protection League

87. Cauwood day services

88. CCA Furniture Outlet

89. Cerebal Palsey Care

90. Changing Lives in Clevedon

91. chapletown youth community centre

92. Chesterfield FC Community Trust

93. Chestnut Tree House Shop

94. Children in Distress

95. Children Scrapstore Reuse Centre

96. Children Trust

97. Childrens Society

98. Chopsticks North Yorkshire

99. Circulate

100. Citizen Advice Bureau

101. Claire House

102. Clic Sargent

103. Comfort Kids

104. Community Association – Trefechan

105. Community Re-Paint

106. Community Resource Centre

107. Community Voice

108. Complete Professional Care

109. Compton Hospice

110. Congburn Nurseries

111. Cooke Computers

112. Cooke E – Learning Foundation

113. Co-op

114. Corby Boating Lake

115. Cornerstone

116. Cornwall Hospice Care

117. County Durham Furniture Help Scheme

118. Croydon animal samaritans

119. CSV Media

120. Cusworth Hall

121. CVS Furniture

122. Dan’s Den Colwyn Bay

123. Dapp UK

124. DC Cleaning

125. Deans

126. Debra

127. Demzela

128. Derbyshire Timber Scheme

129. DHL

130. Dial Intake

131. Didcot Railyway Museum

132. Disabled Childrens Services

133. Discovery Community Cafe

134. Dogs Trust Glasgow

135. Dogsthorpe Recycling Centre

136. Doncaster College

137. Doncaster Community Centre

138. Dorothy House Hospice

139. Dorset Reclaim

140. Dovehouse Hospice Shop

141. Dragon Bands

142. Durham Wildlife Trust

143. E Waste Solutions

144. Earl Mountbatten Hospice

145. East Anglia Childrens Hospice Shop

146. East Cleveland Wildlife Trust

147. East Durham Partnership

148. East Midlands Islamic Relief Project

149. East West Community Project

150. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

151. eco Innovation Centre

152. Elleanor Lion Hospice

153. ELVON

154. Encephalitis society

155. English Landscapes

156. Enhanced Care Training

157. Enterprise UK

158. Environmental Resource Centre

159. Essex County Council

160. Extra care Charitable Trust

161. Fable

162. Family Support

163. Fara

164. Fare share Malmo Food Park

165. Featherstone Rovers

166. Fenland District Council

167. First Fruits

168. FN! Eastbourne

169. Foal Farm

170. Food Cycle

171. Fops Shop

172. forget me not childrens hospice

173. Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy

174. Fountain Abbey

175. Fox Rush Farm

176. FRADE

177. Frame


179. Fresh water christian charity

180. Friends of St Nicholas Fields

181. Furnish

182. Furniture for You

183. Furniture Project

184. FurnitureLink

185. Gateway funiture

186. Genesis Trust

187. George Thomas Hospice – Barry

188. Geranium Shop For The Blind

189. Glasgow Furniture Initative

190. Glen Street Play Provision

191. Goodwin Development Trust

192. Govanhill Baths Community Trust

193. Greenacres Animal Rescue Shop

194. Greenfingers

195. Greenscape

196. Greenstreams Huddersfield/ environmental alliance

197. Grimsby District Health care charity

198. Ground Work

199. Hadston House

200. Happy Staffie

201. Harlington Hospice

202. Hart Wildlife Rescue

203. Hartlepool Council

204. Hartlepool Hospice

205. Hartlepool Prop (Mental Health)

206. Hartlepool Trust Opening Doors

207. Hastings & Bexhill Wood Recycling Project

208. Havens Childrens Hospice Shop

209. Havering Country Park

210. headway

211. Healthy Living Centre

212. Hebburn Community Centre

213. Help the Aged

214. helping hands

215. High Beech Care Home

216. High Wycombe Central Aid

217. Hillam Nurseries

218. Hinsley Hall Headingley

219. Hobbit Hotel

220. Holmescarr Community Centre

221. Home Start

222. Homemakers

223. Hope central

224. Hospice of hope

225. Hounslow Community Transport Furniture Project

226. Hull Animal Welfare Trust Hull

227. Humanity at Heart

228. I Trust

229. Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation (IRMO)

230. Intraining Employers

231. Ipswich Furniture Project

232. Iranian Association

233. Islamic Relief

234. Jacabs Well Care Center

235. Jesus Army Centre

236. JHP

237. Julian House Charity Shop

238. K.T. Performing Arts

239. Kagyu Samye Dzong London

240. Keech Hospice Care Shop

241. Keighley & District Disabled

242. Kier Services – Corby

243. Kilbryde Hospice

244. Killie Can Cycle

245. Kingston Community Furniture Project

246. Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust

247. LAMH

248. Leeds & Moortown Furniture Store

249. Leicester City Council

250. Leicester Riders

251. Leicester Shopmobility

252. Leicestershire Aids Support Services

253. Leicestershire Cares

254. Lifework

255. Lighthouse

256. Linacre Reservoir

257. London Borough of Havering

258. London College of Engineering & Management Woolwich

259. Longley Organised Community Association

260. Lyme Trust

261. Lynemouth Resource Centre

262. Mackworth Comm. Charity Shop

263. Making a Difference

264. Marie Curie

265. Mark2 (marc)

266. Martin House Hospice

267. Mary Stevens Hospice

268. Matalan

269. Matchbox

270. Matthew25 Mission

271. Mayflower Sanctuary

272. MDJ Lightbrothers

273. Meadow Well Connected

274. MEC

275. Mental Health Support

276. Midland Railway Trust

277. MIND

278. Miners Welfare community centre

279. Mistley Place Park

280. Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal Regeneration Partnership Scheme

281. Moore Cleaning

282. Morrisons

283. Muslim Aid

284. Myton Hospice

285. Nandos

286. Naomi Hospice

287. National Railway Museum

288. National Trust

289. NDDT

290. Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

291. Necessary Furniture

292. Neighbourhood funiture

293. Neterlands Dog Rescue

294. New Life Church

295. Newham Volenteers Group

296. Newport City Council

297. Nightingale House

298. NOAH enterprise

299. North East Lincs Motor Project

300. North London Hospice Shop

301. North Ormesby Community Shop

302. Northumberland County Council

303. Norwood

304. Old Nick Theatre

305. One 0 One

306. Open Secret

307. Overgate Hospice

308. Oxfam

309. Papworth Trust

310. Partner Shop

311. Paul Sartori Warehouse

312. Paws Animal Welfare Shop

313. PDSA

314. Pegswood Community Centre

315. Pennywell Community Association

316. Peterborough Streets

317. Pheonix Community Furniture

318. Pilgrim Hospice

319. Placement Furniture Project

320. Platform 51 Doncaster Womens Centre

321. Playworks

322. Plymouth Food Bank

323. Plymouth Play Association

324. Plymouth Volunteer Centre

325. Pound stretcher

326. POW Shop

327. Powys Animal Welfare Shop

328. PPE Paving

329. Preen Community Interest Company

330. Primrose


332. Prince of Wales Sherburn in elmet

333. Princess Trust

334. Queen Elizabeth Foundation

335. Queens Walk Community

336. Queensland Multi-Media Arts Centre

337. Rainbow Centre

338. Rainbows End Burngreave

339. Real Time Music

340. Recycling unlimited

341. Red Cross

342. Refurnish

343. Regenerate Community Enterprise

344. Remploy

345. Restore

346. Rhyl Adventure Playground Association

347. Right Time Foundation

348. RNID

349. Rochford Council

350. Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

351. Rosliston Foresty

352. Royal Society for Blind.

353. Royal Wotton Bassett Town Council

354. RSPB

355. RSPCA

356. Rudenotto

357. Rudyard Lake

358. S & S Services

359. Saffcare

360. Sainsburys

361. Salvation Army

362. Santosh Community Centre

363. Sara

364. Save the children

365. Savera Resource Centre

366. Scallywags

367. Scarborough Council

368. SCD Fabrications

369. School of English Studies

370. Scope

371. Scottish Cancer Support

372. Scottish International Relief

373. Scunthorpe Central Community Centre

374. Seagull Recycling

375. Seahouses Development Trust

376. Second Chance

377. Second Opportunities

378. Sedgemoor Furniture Store

379. Sense

380. Sesku Acadamy Centre

381. Shaw Trust

382. Sheffield Reclamation Ltd – Reclaim

383. Shelter

384. Shooting Stars

385. Shopmobility & Community Transport – Access

386. Slough Furniture Project

387. Smythe

388. Sneyd Green

389. Somali Community Parents Association

390. Somerfields

391. Somerset Wood Re-Cycling

392. South Ayrshire Council

393. South Bucks Hospice Warehouse

394. South Wales Boarders Museum

395. Southend United Football Club

396. Spaghetti House

397. Spitafields Crypt Trust

398. Splash fit

399. St Barnabas

400. St Catherines Hospice Trading

401. St Chads Community Centre

402. St Clare’s Hospice

403. St Davids Foundation

404. St Elizabeth Hospice Charity Shop

405. St Francis Hospice Shops Ltd

406. St Gemma’s Hospice

407. St Georges Crypt

408. St Giles

409. St Helens House

410. St Hughs Community Centre

411. St Lukes Hospice

412. St Margarets Hospice Scotland

413. St Oswald’s Hospice

414. St Peters Church

415. St Peters Hospice

416. St Raphaels hospice

417. St Vincents

418. St. Catherines Hospice

419. St.Theresa’s Charity Shop

420. Stages Café

421. Stannah Stair Lifts

422. Stef’s Farm (Education Farm)

423. Step Forward

424. Stocking Farm Healthy Living Centre ( Sure Start)

425. Stockton Council

426. Stone Pillow


428. Strood Community Project

429. Strut Lincoln

430. Sudbury Town Council

431. Sue Ryder

432. Sunderland Community Furniture

433. Sunderland North Community Business Centre

434. Superdrug

435. Swindon 105.5

436. Sycamore Lodge

437. sydney bridge furniture shop

438. Sypha

439. T&M Kiddy’s Kingdom

440. Tara Handicrafts

441. Teamwork

442. Teesside Hospice

443. Tendring Furniture Scheme

444. Tendring Reuse & Employment Enterprise

445. Tenovus

446. Tesco

447. Thames Hospicecare

448. Thames Valley Hospice

449. Thanet District Council

450. The Ark Shop

451. The Art Organisation

452. The Charity Shop

453. The Childrens Society

454. The Childrens trust

455. The Crossing

456. The Good Neighbour Project

457. The Greenhouse

458. The Harrow Club

459. The Hinge Centre Ltd

460. The Isabella Community Centre

461. The Island Partnership

462. The Kiln Cafe

463. The learning community

464. The Linskill Centre

465. The Listening Company

466. The Octagon Centre Hull

467. The Old Manor House Riding Stables

468. The Princess Alice Hospice

469. The Range

470. The Reuse Centre

471. The Rising Sun Art Centre

472. The Rock Foundation Ice House

473. The Shores Centre

474. The Spurriergate Centre

475. The Undercliffe cemetary charity

476. The Vine Project

477. The Welcoming Project

478. The Woodworks (Genesis Trust)

479. Think 3E,

480. Thirsk Clock

481. Thurrock Council

482. Thurrock Reuse Partnership (TRUP)

483. TLC

484. TooGoodtoWaste

485. Top Draw

486. Traid

487. Trinity Furniture Store

488. Troed Y Rhiw Day Project

489. True Volunteer Foundation

490. Tukes

491. Twice as Nice Furniture Project

492. Twirls and Curls

493. Ty Hafan

494. Tylorstown Communities First

495. United Churches Healing Ministry

496. United Play Day Centre

497. Unity in the Community

498. UNMAH

499. Untapped Resource

500. Urban Recycling

501. Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard Church Project

502. Vista Blind

503. Walpole Water Gardens

504. Walsall Hospice

505. Wandsworth Oasis trading Company Limited

506. Wat Tyler Centre

507. WEC

508. Weldmar

509. Well Cafe

510. Wellgate Community Farm

511. Wellingborough District Hindu Centre

512. Western Mill Cemetary

513. WH Smith

514. Wheelbase

515. Whitby Council

516. Wildlife Trust

517. Wilkinsons

518. Willen Care Furniture Shop

519. Willington Community Resource Centre

520. Windhill Furniture Store Shipley

521. Woking Community Furniture Project

522. Womens Aid

523. Womens Centre

524. Woodlands Camp

525. Worsbrough Mill & County Park

526. Xgames

527. YMCA

528. York Archaeological Trust

529. York Bike Rescue

530. York Carers centre

531. Yorkshire Trust

532. Yozz Yard

533. Zest

534. Zues Gym


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Saturday July 30th, 2016
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