Absurd as 2.3 million Universal Credit claimants required to chase “90,939 Jobs” on DWP Jobsite (findajob.dwp.gov.uk)

It is absurd to require 2.3 million Universal Credit claimants to search for work up to 35 hours per week, or face severse financial penalties (benefit sanctions), when the DWP itself is only able to get UK employers to advertise just 90,939 jobs on it’s own website.

All UC claimants are required to accept a Claimant Commitment (CC) and this will include sanction based obligations to search for and prepare for work. It is highly probable that nearly all of the 2.3 million claimants will have a CC requirement to evidence creating a DWP ‘Find A Job’ (FAJ), uploading their CV to it and then using it to search and apply for work through FAJ.

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Archive of findajob.dpw.gov.uk for Monday August 24th, 2020
90,939 Jobs in UK


Neil Couling: We talk about work search being a full-time activity. When we have conditionality operating…we ask for 35 hours’ job search a week from claimants of universal credit. Therefore, the mentality mirrors the world of work.
You are paid after you have done the work, not before you have done it”
Select Committee on Economic Affairs – Uncorrected oral evidence: The economics of universal credit – Tuesday 2 June 2020

“In most cases, you will need to complete up to 35 hours of work search activity per week in order to receive Universal Credit”
Universal Credit and you – Updated 6 April 2020

People on Universal Credit
On 9 July 2020:

there were 5.6 million people on Universal Credit

around 42% of claimants were in the ‘Searching for work’ conditionality group, an increase of 6 percentage points since March 2020″iversal Credit at 9 July 2020, an increase of 2% from 11 June 2020

Published 11 August 2020
Universal Credit Statistics – 29 April 2013 to 9 July 2020

35 hours a week Jobsearch Tool
“2 hours per day” phoning employers
Search on jobsites “1 to 2 hours per day”

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