15200+ #workfare exploiters that have been named and shamed

[ Named and Shamed: UK 3200+ & Éire 12000+ ] [1]

You can check the names of workfare exploiters, named and shamed by conscripts on the Boycott Workfare website and on it’s map (700+) [2]: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/workfare-exploiters

Including FOI requests:

Mandatory Work Activity (500+)
(Tories blew £100k of public money hiding list of firms that used jobseekers for unpaid work.  Taxpayers had to fund both sides of the Tory government’s legal battle in a farce “worthy of a movie plot”)

Community Work Placements (1674)

Work Experience (300+ Great Manchester)

When a similar FOI request was made in Éire they named and shamed nearly 12,000 workfare employers. Download (pdf)

Some recent workfare stats

730,130+ zero wage work experience “starts”

27,800+ unpaid work placements within Jobcentres and the DWP!


Hypocrites: The workfare exploiters who claim to be anti-workfare, exposed


[1] The above lists will contain duplicates of employers who exploited workfare conscripts in different schemes.

[2] The map data does not give a total number of employers, when using the ‘Active’ and ‘Withdrawn’ filters 700+ employers are indicated. Though the map shows differing sets of figures, but it is not clear what they relate to.


Boycott Workfare also lists the private companies and charities contracted to organise workfare placements by the Department for Work and Pensions, namely: