DWP’s Behaviour ‘Science’ (BS) ‘Growth Mindset’ resolutely trashed by academics

The DWP Behaviour ‘Science’ (BS) Team collaboration with USA psychobabblers[1] has been dealt a severe blow, after it’s use of the ‘Growth Mindset‘ is “not“[2] a predictor of achievement.

“…fixed mindsets were associated with greater academic achievement.”
Source: ‘Growth mindset does not predict academic achievement, study finds‘ – Times Education Supplement – 25/7/17

“…growth mindset has little impact on students’ progress'”
Source: Times Education Supplement – 12/6/15

Therefore Jobcentre Work ‘Coach’ inculcation of this ‘Growth Mindset‘ trash within the DWP’s mandatory ‘Health and Work Conversation’ (HWC) [3] for sick and disabled making a new ESA claim should be banned immediately.  “It individualises the failure – ‘they couldn’t change the way they think, so that’s why they failed’.” [4]

The DWP did put out a £21,000,000 tender for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in 2015, but for some reason it was never contracted for. It could be the case that mandatory CBT like treatment is now being delivered for free by Work ‘Coaches’. Even though the DWP has said Jobcentre CBT would be “entirely voluntary” ESA claimants who refuse to be subjected to HWC behaviour modification will get a financial penalty as part of the DWP’s secret penal system.

The DWP’s State sponsored BS goal to change a person’s ‘Fixed Mindset’ to a ‘Growth Mindset‘  is nothing short of psychological abuse.

An investigation is needed into the DWP use of BS, in light of the fact that the Team’s work has never been subject to any independent evaluation and deliberately avoids transparency by seeking to subvert disclosure of it’s activities under the Freedom of Information Act. As an interim measure all DWP benefit claimants should be allowed to lodge and have recognised a ‘Conscientious Objection‘ against being subjected to any BS techniques either by the DWP itself or it’s contracted providers.

Will any UK professional bodies investigate this use of BS or address how fully informed consent to this ‘treatment‘* is not even part of DWP’s HWC thinking? A difficulty is the discipline and practitioners of BS are not under the remit of any professional body.

*Or “brainwashing” as someone calls it.

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[3] Health and Work Conversation: A 60 – minute e-learning session for Work Coaches
[4] New test for ‘growth mindset’, the theory that anyone who tries can succeed