Social Mobility Commission seeks to ban unpaid work, but totally ignores zero wage #workfare. @alanmilburn1958

For some years there have been various calls to ban unpaid internships, with likes of the social mobility ‘tsarAlan Milburn saying:

“Any work placements that last more than four weeks should be classified as internships and those doing them should receive at least the minimum wage.”

We now also have a two private members bills seeking to end “unpaid trial shifts” and “Unpaid Work Experience“.

But what is curious about these calls for a ban on unpaid work is they totally ignore unpaid work that is organised by the Government, such as Traineeships that can last 6 months and “You won’t be paid” wages by anyone. Then there is forced unpaid workfare labour arranged by the Department of Work and Pensions , which is now integrated into Universal Credit.

Provisions also exist to require sick and disabled people to do compulsory unpaid “community benefit” workfare placements, including new claimants of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and under the forthcoming Health and Work Programme.

From October young people on the Youth Obligation in England, Scotland and Wales can be forced into mandatory workfare or face benefit sanctions for refusal.

So what does the Social Mobility Commission have to say about the DWP’s unpaid work placement and work experience schemes (workfare) for benefit claimants? Well
today it explains that when it comes to State sponsored unpaid work, just like the Private Members bills above it is not slightest bit interested.


New law to ban unpaid internships?
“There have been attempts in the past to introduce a similar bill but Chris hopes that with increasing awareness of the issues and powerful campaigns by the Social Mobility Commission that the time might now be right for change in the law.”?