Disability Rights UK @DisRightsUK questions why @DWP ESA Health & Work Conversation mandatory – #foi

“DR UK questions the need for the new Health and Work Conversation to be mandatory”, based on FOI requests written about here, specifically:

It is also worth noting that although  DR UK say, “The DWP piloted the HWC on a voluntary basis and said everyone, claimants and work coaches, thought it worked really well at starting to build positive engagement. So why is the HWC still not purely voluntary?”, this does not address whether the HWC being built on positive psychology and behavioural ‘science’ tools is appropriate whether ‘voluntary’ or mandatory.

This ‘conversation‘ is highly structured and orientated to seeing work ‘as a health outcome‘ and whatever the DWP say it is never by any stretch of the imagination “claimant led“.

One comment DR UK said which is to be highly commended is requiring the DWP to send to new ESA claimants full details of when they are exempt from a Health and Work ‘Conversation’.