ESA Health and Work Conversation: Very simple way to complete ‘My 4 Steps’

As the DWP’s Health and Work Conversation (HWC) “My 4 Steps is the backbone of the HWC“, below is one way to develop a step. Can you think of 3 more creative ones?

During the HWC, the claimant does not
have to choose a goal related to health
or work – the goal can be anything that
they care about and want to achieve.
Source: Work Coach Reference Guide for the Health & Work Conversation

Step 1 – Want (This means ‘what would you like to happen’)

The HWC booklet to include a statement that claimants are not required to complete any of it, or discuss any of their health, disability or personal matters they feel uncomfortable about or share with a Jobcentre Work Coach any of their own sensitive personal data verbally or in writing. And the booklet to include extensive examples of sensitive personal data claimants do not have to share by any means.

Step 2 – Outcome (This means ‘what do you believe can happen’)

DWP can change the booklet

Step 3 – Obstacle (This means ‘what is stopping you’)

I do not know how to get the DWP to respect my Sensitive Data Protection and Rights of Privacy

Step 4 – Plan (This means ‘what you are going to do’)

Ask my Work Coach to write to me with a formal letter explaining when DWP will complete Step 1


The DWP’s ‘My 4 Step’ HWC process is based upon WOOP, which @CoyneoftheRealm has some insightful comments on.


DWP ‘My 4 Steps’ training material

My 4 Steps template

Handout 05.02 – Drilling Down for My 4 Steps

Topic 04 – My 4 Steps

Notice: If you are a prospective new ESA claimant it is suggested you do not act on the views above, without first seeking independent advice, support and solidarity.  This is because the DWP is a dysfunctional organisation, engages in ‘conscious cruelty‘ and uses a secret penal system. Plus “many claimants do not see…[Jobcentre] work coaches as on their side”

One recommended source of advice & information is AskCPAG.

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