Aged 18 to 21? Zero wage forced-labour #workfare in England, Wales & Scotland to start October 2017 #YouthObligation

Today the DWP confirmed it’s 3 month forced-labour workfare placements for young people will start October 2017 in England, Wales and Scotland, as part of it’s Youth Obligation benefits scheme (YOBS).

These placements start after a young person has been on the Youth Obligation for six months and have been unable to find paid work and consequently:

“they must then go onto an apprenticeship, a traineeship, or “undertake work of some community value” on a placement arranged by JCP”
Source: Work and Pensions Committee – Employment opportunities for young people – 27 March 2017

“Guaranteed work experience opportunities will be sourced locally by Jobcentre Plus from registered charities and public sector organisations in England, Scotland and Wales.”
Source: DWP FOI reply 2320 – ‘Scotland and guaranteed work experience placements‘ 28/6/17

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