The Violence of Workfare

Pluto Press has decided to make available for free the article ‘The Violence of Workfare‘ by Jon Burnett and David Whyte, from it’s new book ‘The Violence of Austerity’, a copy of which you can get for £8.33 (50% off).

“As Theresa May’s wages a fake war on modern slavery, the government’s forced work scheme goes on injuring and killing an unknown and unrecognised number of compulsory unpaid workers”
‘The Violence of Workfare


“As a political publisher, Pluto does recognise the importance of making some texts freely accessible so they reach the widest possible readership. Considering that ‘The Violence of Workfare’ chapter relies on a large number of statements supplied for free to the Boycott Workfare web site, we have decided to make this chapter available online at:
Source: Pluto Press 26/05/17