CWP #Workfare: Vast list of forced-labour employers disclosed by @DWP via @mrfrankzola #foi

After endless unlawful delays and Information Commissioner (ICO) threats for contempt of court, the DWP has finally disclosed a  very long list of 1674* ‘Charities’, Councils, Housing Associations and for profit companies who abused no wage workfare conscripts under the defunct 6 month full-time Community Work Placement (CWP) scheme.This FOI disclosure is a follow on from and a direct result  of a four year plus legal fight (precedent), to name Mandatory Work Activity employers, during which the DWP spent £100,000 trying to keep them secret.

Don’t forget this list only covers people on CWP conscription during February and August 2016 and it is probable there are many thousands more CWP abusing employers not named and shamed.When a similar FOI request was made in Éire they named and shamed nearly 12,000 workfare employers.

Anyone anywhere in the world is now free to make similar workfare information requests, covering different time periods and specific geographical areas, as DWP CWP providers seem to be required to retain information for years after schemes end for contract audit compliance.

Despite views to the contrary workfare has not ended, it is embedded into Section 16 (3)(e) of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 for Universal Credit (UC).

Universal Credit: Work preparation requirement
“undertaking work experience or a work placement”
Welfare Reform Act (2012) – Section 16(3)(e)

Mandatory and ‘voluntary’ workfare placements are also a part of the Work Programme (WP) scheme. WP referrals end March 2017, but referred conscripts can then be on the scheme until 29 March 2019.

From 2017 the WP will be replaced by the UC ‘Work and Health‘ scheme and there is no reason not to believe this will also include workfare. The Gov’s ‘Youth Obligation’ from April 2017 proposes to limit benefits to 6 months and thereafter, mandatory workfare is planned.

Transforming lives through welfare and work(fare)
“We’ll be using work experience much more creatively…”
First speech by new DWP Secretary of State, Stephen Crabb – 12 April 2016

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*The list of 1674
Note: originally cited as 1700+, but that had included blank line breaks from the original source document.