Full text: Work & Health Green Paper + reactions, links & new #workfare proposals

The DWP’s Work and Health/Programme Green Paper (Consultation) including ‘reform’ of the fit-for-work Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been published. [@17:00] This follows on from the recent £1.7 billion [1], £500 million [2] £6 million [3] and £21 million eCBT [4] DWP tenders and adds to the existing joint DWP, NHS and regional/local authority devolution [5] activity concerning integration of un/employment support and health on a local level. As well as the possibility of ‘mandatory’ treatment or assessments for treatment and connection to the fitforwork.org initiative, statutory sick pay, ‘fit-notes‘ and integration to in-work and out of work Universal Credit.


The Mirror is reporting that proposals are to be made for unpaid workfare placements for young people “with limited capability for work” as well as specifically for people with mental health problems.


The WCA is part of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), which for some claimants was recently cut by £30 a week to the same lower subsistence level of Jobseekers Allowance. At the beginning of October the Government annouced the intention to stop WCA retests for the chronically ill.

“The long-ago plan to dismantle the welfare state began with the 2006 Green Paper: A New Deal for Welfare ~ empowering people to work (pdf). The Green Paper introduced the ‘reform’ of Incapacity Benefit, which really meant the demolition of the income replacement benefit paid to people of working age who are unfit to work”
Mo Stewart in American influenced punitive UK welfare reforms – May 2016

The proposed Work and Health Programme is schedule to replace the current Work Programme, but will operate with 80% less funding.[6] The Work Choice contract is due to end April 2017 and claimants can be on the Work Programme till March 2019, with 2 year referrals ending March 2017.

The arrival of job coaches in Islington GP surgeries exposes the toxic reality of government plans to merge health and employment services” #DoNoHarm
Disabled People Against Cuts – 20/02/16

Today’s reactions to the latest Green Paper

Arbeit Macht Frei and more Damien Green smoke and mirrors

Tory claims on sick notes for long-term disabled people blasted as ‘insult’

I might feel nervous if I was in the Support Group

Hansard déjà vu, Green and White Paper(s)

“…we will: reduce by 1 million the number on incapacity benefits

modernising the processes so that the system is more efficient and the number of appeals is minimised

piloting employment advisers in GP surgeries

Work is the best route out of poverty.”
A new deal for welfare: Empowering people to work – Green Paper (2006) (pdf)

“Devolving power to the local level will increase effectiveness of service delivery.

Support for disabled people will be enhanced and become more personalised.”
Raising expectations and increasing support December (2008)

The mandatory treatment “assessment would be carried out by an approved person with the necessary qualifications or experience, for example a doctor or registered nurse.”
Welfare Reform Bill (2009)


DWP: tendering and quotation activities
Contracts Finder
Pan-goverment opportunities

[1] Umbrella Agreement for the provision of Employment and Health Related Services (UAEHRS).

[2] The Work and Health Programme

[3] Access to Work Mental Health Support Services.

[4] Online Supported Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

[5] LGA: Devolution deals http://www.local.gov.uk/devolution-deals

The DWP is “currently working with ten areas, rather than pilots. The areas that have
devolution deals are: East Anglia; Greater Manchester; London; Liverpool; North East
Combined Authority; Sheffield; Tees Valley; West of England; and West Midlands. Cardiff
Capital Region is a City Deal area”
Source: DWP 8 July 2016

“Greater Manchester has been running a pilot Work and Health Programme, called Working Well since 2014 and integrates DWP, Health (NHS) and Public Services for people in and out of work. This is also allied to the £6 billion health and social care budget devolved to 37 Greater Manchester NHS organisations and local authorities.”
Source: refuted 7 July 2016

[6] DWP employment programme funding set for 80% cut